personalised ceremonies with celebrants in Italy

We are independent celebrants who work in Italy officiating important milestones of life: naming ceremonies, weddings, funerals or commemorations. As independent celebrants, we plan and conduct personalised non-religious ceremonies that combine a personal touch with a strong sense of ritual. We believe in preparation and professionalism, and as such we all have completed training courses as celebrants. We conduct ceremonies in English, Italian, or both languages simultaneously for an international ceremony.

 “Sarah was simply magnificent! From the day we met her on Skype to our wedding day we always felt she was satisfying all our needs….It was so great to meet Sarah and have her as our celebrant on our wedding day because she took the time to get to know us and she was able to portray aspects of our characters and our relationship…Our family and friends still say how the ceremony made them laugh and cry.” (Beatrice, bride)

“When we decided to celebrate our civil union we were thinking of something simple, but thanks to Sarah and Clarissa we ended up having an amazing wedding that went far beyond our expectations.” (Stefania, bride)

“Thanks to her sensitive and thorough preparation, Clarissa was able to produce a funny, touching, charming and eloquent account of Tommaso and Chiara’s courtship and relationship. And faced with many guests who spoke either English or Italian but not both, she skilfully alternated between the two languages so as to include everyone”. (Frederika, bridegroom’s mother)

“Friends who were present on the day thought she was a family member or old friend.” (Lisa, funeral)

“We instantly felt like we were in good hands.” (Mara, funeral)


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