mission statement and code of ethics

tree shadowcode of ethics

our celebrants believe in providing ceremony to acknowledge all life celebrations and significant events
our celebrants believe in preserving the right of personal choice and decision in ceremonies
our celebrants believe in maintaining the highest standards of professional and personal conduct
our celebrants believe in maintaining truth, accuracy, dignity and integrity
our celebrants believe in serving all individuals with respect, sensitivity and professionalism
our celebrants believe in providing a service that recognises the unique personalities of all individuals, being sensitive to their needs, wishes, values, philosophical and spritual beliefs and cultural backgrounds
our celebrants believe in maintaining cultural awareness with our ceremonies and services
our celebrants do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, philosophy of life, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation

mission statement

The Association Passaggi, together with its mother organization FOIC declares:

  • our celebrants aim to┬ádeliver high quality, professional and personalised ceremonies marking the milestones and transitions in the lives of individuals, couples and families
  • our celebrants aim to work closely with individuals, families and couples in creating a ceremony that reflects their tastes and values
  • our celebrants encourage individuals, families and couples to draw on any traditions which are meaningful to┬áthem
  • our celebrants aim to deliver heart-felt ceremonies such as weddings, renewals of vows, commitments, child namings, and end-of-life celebrations