what people say about us – funerals


“I thank Passaggi for having helped me to organise a good send-off for my almost centenarian father. Above all I would like to bring attention to Clarissa’s professionalism and sensitivity. After having spoken with us in our family home, she managed to express our feelings perfectly and to describe very well the unique character that was my father.” Maria Letizia, March 2017

“I’m writing to send you some feedback about Clarissa Botsford, who provided the funeral service in Rome for my father a couple of months ago. Meeting Clarissa was a wonderful relief. We were in slightly unknown territory trying to organise a funeral service without a religious format. Clarissa was warm, helpful, listened to us attentively, and ultimately hosted a service that we all felt truly did my late father justice. We spent a few hours together when she came to our family home, and we instantly felt like we were in good hands. I honestly can’t imagine what we would have done without her. Friends who were present on the day thought she was a family member or an old friend, as she managed to really capture the essence of my father, and of our family. One of my father’s work colleagues, Peter, said that it was ‘the most touching funeral service I’ve been to- and trust me, I’ve been to a lot’.I hope others who might find themselves in a similar position are able to get in touch with Passaggi.” Lisa, June 2016

“We had a most beautiful and touching ceremony thanks to you. Like you said in your speech – where ever we look out on the sea, hear the waves rolling on the shore, feel the warm sunshine on our face, we will remember him. No matter where we are. We all are very grateful to you. How you made this ceremony so warm and personal, how you picked the correct words and paid attention to everyone, also to the children”. Eija, May 2016

“A wonderful tribute that contributed greatly to the warmth and touching atmosphere of yesterday’s commemoration. Everyone there wanted me to tell you.”  Donato, November 2015

“Thanks to the Association Passaggi we were able to say goodbye to our Dad with a civil ceremony that was touching, very personal, and appreciated even by our  friends with religious beliefs. We are really very grateful.” Giulia, Lorenzo and mamma Anna, October 2015

“Their approach was very sensitive and professional.” Lorenzo, October 2015

“We found an association, Passaggi, that helped us hold a dignified and fitting ceremony. In fact we strongly recommend them for their professionalism and competence.” Marco, July 2015


Article from Venerdì di Repubblica, May 22 2015, p. 47 (click on image to read)

article from Venerdi di Repubblica, May 22, 2015, p47