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Helping you celebrate and give thanks for a special and unique life

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At Passaggi we provide a service that aims to ease your mind at that most difficult moment when someone you love dies. We can give a farewell ceremony that is an inspiring alternative to a traditional church funeral, which celebrates that person’s life and achievements and takes into account their wishes and your ideas of what to include. You could also choose to hold a ‘celebration of life’ memorial service, or an ash scattering ceremony, at a later date.

Delivering ceremonies in Central Italy and beyond
We mainly work in Rome, but also in many towns in Lazio (such as Ostia, Castelgandolfo, Velletri, Frascati etc.), and in Umbria (Orvieto, Foligno, Terni, Perugia, etc.). We have also conducted funerals further afield (Florence, Milan) and are happy to put you in contact with other trained celebrants throughout Italy through the network Cerimonie Uniche

Catering to your international guests
We are able to conduct the service in English, Italian, or both simultaneously. We also have a network of collaborators to conduct ceremonies in other languages.

Coordinating with your funeral director
In order to ensure our availability, we strongly advise you to contact us before setting the date and time of the funeral or have the funeral director do so. We have a close relationship in particular with Cristina Zega and Massimo Scifoni in Rome, but we are happy to work with all funeral directors.

Thanks to the Association Passaggi we were able to say goodbye to our Dad with a civil ceremony that was touching, very personal, and appreciated even by our friends with religious beliefs. We are really very grateful.
— Giulia, Lorenzo and Mom. Castelli

How to make a funeral ceremony special

Each life is unique and deserves a fitting funeral approach

Information to guide you when choosing the right ritual type for your end of life ceremony will be available soon.

The ceremony was beautifully touching. It was an extraordinarily rendered fresco of L’s life, her work, her family, her relationship with me, which kept everyone in the room win an emotion-filled silence.
— Paolo. Rome

The process involved

An overview of the steps we follow

Celebrants spend time getting to know you, your family, or your friends – either directly or by Skype or WhatsApp video – enabling the ceremony to be created with warmth and sensitivity, taking into account personal beliefs and philosophies. Civil funerals are basically secular by nature, however the key is that the family’s wishes are paramount and we embrace all faiths or no faith.

After the family visit, we plan the whole funeral service or ash scattering, including whatever readings and music you have suggested, and write a personalised funeral tribute which we undertake to send to you for your approval and suggestions.

On the day of the ceremony we will be there for you,  conduct the farewell service or ash scattering, and keep in close contact with the funeral directors.

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A memorable celebration of life

Helping you say a heartfelt goodbye

Our celebrants can also help give form and ritual to your wedding or any family milestone