about us: independent celebrants

Our experience has led us to believe that there is a real need in Italy for meaningful and personalised civil ceremonies to mark important milestones.  After gaining diplomas as independent celebrants in the UK from the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC), we founded the Association, Passaggi, in 2014 so that we could introduce the idea of personalised ceremonies (for name-giving, weddings, funerals or commemorations) in Rome, Lazio, Umbria and Campania.

Clarissa Botsford

I grew up in the UK and studied English and Italian literature at Cambridge University and Comparative Education and Intercultural Studies at London University. After univers


ity I moved to Italy and I have lived in Rome ever since, where I teach Language and Translation Studies at Roma Tre University and have brought up three
children. I am an award-winning translator of Italian literature and poetry and am passionate about music. I sing in a Renaissance all women’s quintet Le Reginelle and play the violin, viola and mandolin in a folk group. I am very excited about being a celebrant in Italy and am thrilled the law making civil unions legal has finally passed here.
Sarah Morgan

I grew up in Australia and studied History and Literature there, in the US and in Italy. I moved to Italy permanently after my Ph.D and lived in Rome before moving to Amelia in Umbria. I organise and lead cultural travel groups called Passages to Italy, I work as a translator from Italian to English, and I am the secretary of an association that supports parents through peer groups, breastfeeding consultancy, and reading groups.

I sing in the Reginelle quintet with Clarissa in Rome and also in a choir in Amelia. I am finding working as a celebrant very rewarding and such a privilege to be let into people’s lives at such important moments. Our first LGBT wedding in 2016 was really exciting.