name giving

imageIndependent celebrants from the Association Passaggi can help you celebrate the birth or arrival of a new child in the family – whatever form the family takes – without holding a christening or baptism in a church. The ceremony can take many creative and personalised forms and can be held either indoors or in the open air, at the beach or in a garden or park. Naming ceremonies have the function of welcoming a newborn to the community, or embracing an older child who has arrived from a different community. Natural, adoptive, or surrogate parents, together with grandparents, take symbolic actions (writing the child’s name in the sand, lighting a unity candle, weaving coloured ribbons, etc.) and make symbolic promises to love and protect the children in their care, to contribute to nurturing their inclinations, and to help them grow into the people they want to be. The party atmosphere and the emotional appeal of the ceremony creates an unforgettable and unique event.

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