Sarah was simply magnificent! From the day we met her on Skype to our wedding day we always felt she was satisfying all our needs. She immediately understood what kind of ceremony we wanted and the script she prepared was wonderful. We still feel a rush of emotion every time we read it. The fact that she spoke English and Italian was  perfect for us. We couldn’t have hoped for more!

It was so great to meet Sarah and have her as our celebrant on our wedding day because she took the time to get to know us and she was able to portray aspects of our characters and our relationship which would not normally have come out in the speeches. Our family and friends still say how the ceremony made them laugh and cry! 

As well as writing the ceremony, Sarah was able to advise us on all the little things such as the  parchment, the music, and the role the children could play. We found out about Passaggi through the venue, Tenuta Monacelli, and we are so grateful. We recommend her to all couples who want a special personal touch for their wedding!

..and I want to start by saying thank you to you. For pushing us to believe in the power of a ceremony – a ‘rite of passage’ as you call it, for extracting bits of love from us that we are for the most part unwilling to publicly reveal, for holding us by hand in managing all the small details we would have surely forgotten about.

….For us, it has been a journey of introspection – a chance to sit down and think about all those things we never really give space to: why him? why her? what is it that I truly love? And that journey has strengthened who we are and what we mean to each-other. Being able to share all that with the people we most love was more powerful than we ever could have expected: we did not believe in marriage either, now we do. (Valentina, bride, Capaccio)



Clarissa wedding4
 Thanks to her sensitive and thorough preparation, Clarissa was able to produce a funny, touching, charming and eloquent account of Tommaso and Chiara’s courtship and relationship. And faced with many guests who spoke either English or Italian but not both, she skilfully alternated between the two languages so as to include everyone. There were many memorable moments in her brief speech; I will share just one. “If marriage is standing together, facing the world,” said Clarissa, “Tommaso and Chiara have the sun shining on their faces and the wind at their backs.”  It was a figure of speech that elegantly and effortlessly captured the spirit of this young couple, fierce travellers and explorers, as they prepare to embark on a new adventure in Australia. (Frederika, mother-of-the-bride, Campidoglio, Rome)



When we decided to celebrate our civil union we were thinking of something simple, but thanks to Sarah and Clarissa we ended up having an amazing wedding that went far beyond our expectations. (Stefania, bride, Paestum)



Thank you for the wonderful ceremony. My maid-of-honour said when she gets married she wants to have a wedding just like ourIMG_2386s.It was exactly what we wanted, in fact it was even more moving than we ever could have imagined. Thank you, Sarah, from my heart for the dedication and passion that you put into our ceremony. We will always have wonderful memories. You have made us so happy! (Alessia, Fregene)




IMG_1292Everybody commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony and on how how much they liked you, we are really grateful because you made our ceremony very special. Thank you! (Silvia, bride, Borgo di Tragliata)