What kind of couples would contact an independent wedding celebrant?

There are many different couples who may choose a wedding celebrant. They may be a couple who have got married abroad and want to renew their vows in a beautiful Italian location. They may be a same-sex couple who have contracted a civil union or marriage and would like to have the wedding of their dreams. They may be a couple who have been married for a certain number of years and want to retake their vows. Finally, they may be a couple looking for a ceremony that celebrates their decision to get married in an upbeat, fun, personalised and original way.

Is the independent celebrant an alternative to a Wedding Planner?

No, the celebrant is not an alternative to a Wedding Planner. A Wedding Planner organises the wedding day from the venue, to the flowers and lunch. A celebrant works exclusively on the wedding ceremony. A couple from abroad who want to get married legally in Italy will need to work with a Wedding Planner in order to deal with the bureaucracy and all the other details.